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If you are interested in hiring the Workshop or just finding out more about what we do, please contact us via the form or email us on events@historyreenactment.org.uk.
Why Hire us?
This is your event.

We are coming to tell your story.

Together, we research your house and find out who was living there at that time, and bring it to life. Every event we do is different and tailored to your requirements. 
We are not a collection of showcase skills and crafts that come and do displays in different rooms. We will incorporate activities into the event where they are relevant and in an appropriate location.

We are dedicated to interpretating social and domestic life, from the bottom of society up to the middle gentry. As you get higher in society, everything gets larger and more expensive to recreate accurately. We prefer to portray the everyday life of 'normal folk', as accurately as we can. From the research, we will populate your house with the family, servants and other members of the community, in order to tell a small part of its history.

We can introduce any themes that you wish to emphasise, such as recreation, the role of women, marriage, death, the poor... and tie them into an average day or a specific event. Our handouts during the event are created for it and can include children's activities or recipies that relate to the day's theme. Depending on the theme and situations, we can introduce some public involvement, such as being a member of the jury in a court or having a go at threshing.

At some venues we have worked on a collection of events. At St Nicholas' Priory, we started one with a re-enactment during the day, but moved on to an evening seminar, advancing the daytime theme into a more adult discussion.

There isn't a set menu of things we can offer you. There are past events we can show you as examples, but each event is centred around your requirements and site. You maybe brimming over with ideas or happy to allow us to suggest some scenarios to you. Either way, we're keen to hear from you.
The History Re-enactment Workshop is a registered Educational Charity 1040799
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