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If you are interested in joining the Workshop or just finding out more about what we do, please contact us via the form or email us on
Why Join us?
We are dedicated to interpretating social and domestic life. This can include military life, but there are no battles and it would centre around the family. Predominantly we interpret historic houses and our favourite events are where we get to bring the whole house to life, including full use of the kitchen.

We cover the period from Henry VIII to William and Mary, approximately 1530's to 1700. This is a period which has grown over the years, but has found a natural limit based on the equipment, clothes and knowledge the group has built up.

The group focuses on the gentry downwards, in social scale. We like to look at the 'ordinary' people. Because of the level of accuracy we like to acheive, we can't portray the high life due to the cost of the clothes and the scale of everything they do. This allows us to get on with daily life and compare our own lives to those of the past. Something the visitors can easily relate too.

The group is a registered charity and its constitution highlights the educational value that we put into all of our events. We are continuously researching all aspects of life, from first hand documents, books and experimental archeology. Through the use of replica artefacts, we try them out at events and see if they perform as expected. We share all of this information between ourselves, though individuals may prefer to concentrate on certain aspects themselves. Here you can see an oven we built and used, which lasted a few years at this site at Blakesley Hall.

We're not afraid to find out that something is wrong. Information, artefacts or clothing are removed from our current stock and adjusted if possible. We have unpicked whole pieces of clothing, recut and stitched back together, when new evidence shows that it was made incorrectly.

The History Re-enactment Workshop is a registered Educational Charity 1040799
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