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What is "The Scene."

Principally, we create a small area dressed as a period room. Just enough for a portrait photo. Visitors are talked through a collection of period artefacts by way of descriptions and stories. They are all museum quality replicas and we encourage handling. We are in third person for this event, as we then also talk about 16/17th century portraiture and the symbolism contained within them. We then find out a bit more about the visitors and enourage them to select items that coud represent themselves and set the in "The Scene." We can dress them as well and allow them to pose.

Photos can then be taken, either with their own camera or ours. If we have taken any photos, they will e available to be freely downloaded from this website. There are no additional charges to the visitors for this.

"The Scene" was originally developed so that places wishing to hire us without a period venue, could do so. Depending upon the event and location, we will set "The Scene" either in a tent or dressing a room in the building. The period of the Scene and the costume and artefacts will also change, depending upon the venue and the sponsor's request.

Although it can be seen as a dressing up opportunity to the visitors, our emphasis is on education. That is why there is a lot more involvement than just getting peoplpe dressed up.

If you have already taken part, we may already have a photo of you on the next page. Use the links to find the photos. The photos are taken at the best quality available at the time, but the website contains a reduced version. If you want a copy of the orignal of yourself, it is available on request below.

Getting the Photos

All of the recent photos can be viewed on the following page. Select the menu item "Past Scenes" or the button to go there. Then use the scrolling thumbnails against the date of the Scene you attended. Click on the photo you wish to look at. To save a copy for yourself, just right click and select "Save Picture."

If the date of your visit is not there, you have either been a bit quick off the mark, or it was a while ago and the photos have been archived. If it is the latter, please fill out the form, along with a description of your party so that we maybe able to identify your photos.

We have a limited amount of space, so the photos have been reduced from their original size. If you would like a copy of the original photos, please fill out the form to the right.

Although all of the photos are freely available to download on the website, we will only be issuing the original files to the sitters or parents in the photos. You should have filled out a release form at the time the photo was taken, and we will cross check the names of the requested photos against that.

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Form to request additonal Photos

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