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All about the History Re-enactment Workshop.

We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals who provide historical interpretations for museums. We specialise in the period covering the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Formed in 1985 by a group of people with a background of battle re-enactments, we were all far more attracted by civilian re-enactments. Since then the membership background has become far more divergent and we now have members with purely 'civilian' experience, or no previous re-enactment experience at all.

The main thrust of our events is that we do first-person interpretation. The people we represent talk and act as much like people of the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries as we can (with a few provisos). We also strive to represent ordinary working days in these households rather than a sequence of high dramas, although there may well be a theme we've been asked to deal with such as trade, or marriages. In these circumstances we will seek to explore how the theme affects different levels of society.

From houses into homes is an article that first appeared in a "Social History in Museums", The Journal of the Social history Curators Group. Volume 19 (1992.) It gives an insight into the Workshop's outlook, and was written by one of the founding members. The version here is a later "rewrite." This article is referenced as part of the Workshop's constitution, and was included in the application to the Charity Commission.

There is a good reason for including the word "workshop" in our title. Every year we have a series of learning sessions where we have visiting teachers/lecturers so that we can find out more about the technology and methods of the past, e.g. ploughing, tailoring, hurdle making, but also how we can better get this information across to the public with acting, language and trust workshops.
Occassionally we open these out to anyone interested to come and join in.

The History Re-enactment Workshop is a registered Educational Charity 1040799
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