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A select Glossary of Terms

1st Person

The re-enactors dress and act as a person from a set date, adpoting that person's point of view. They can only communicate as a person from that date and will not understand anything outside of the re-enactment date, or the knowledge of the character. E.g. If the re-enactment is March 1684, they won't know anything about April 1684, or anything beyond it. If they are a cook in the kitchen, they probably won't know anything about the master's latest business transactions. They won't be able to answer any questions about the current museum, such as where is the shop? They will remain in-role using our form of period language, even when there are no visitors present.

3rd Person

The re-enactors dress as a person from a set date. They will communicate as a 21st century person, but were suitable, will present the information for the perspective of the person they are dressed as.

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