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National Civil War Centre
Opened in 2015, the museum is a modern extension to a Tudor Grammar School. A collection of all things to do with the wars, with a permament and special exhibitions, it shows different aspects of the period and clears up a number of myths.
The original school has been retained as an open hall.

1644-46 - The sieges of Newark
March 2015, May 2016
We wanted to show how the wars affected ordinary people, rather than a solider's life. Newark was held under siege by the Parliment army a number of times. Many families were made homeless, not just by the bombardment, but also by the battlements erected to keep them out. As well as splitting the town, the battlements went straight through many houses.
With so many people homeless, we wondered what it might be like if the school hall became a refugee home. With the school master hosting, and carpenters making make shift beds, the hall filled with families carrying all their possessions settling in any space they could find.
We are a small but nationally based interpretation group, covering Tudor and Stuart domestic life. Founded in 1985, we have been recreating historic families in first person, to give visitors of historic houses an educational and memorable visit.
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Registered Charity NÂș 1040799
We specialise in turning an old house into a home, bringing a Tudor or Stuart family to life, to fully interact with your visitors.
We can also offer a range of variations around the same period, depending on what you have available.
We are always keen for new people to come and join us. As we recreate domestic life, we're open to all. No previous experience or in depth knowledge is required. The 'Workshop' in our title is all about training our members.
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History Re-enactment Workshop
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