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Special Events
Occassionally, we're asked to help celebrate a special event with a historical context. This can either be part of a larger event or on our own.
We also attend some Living History Fairs for group promotion rather than an interpretation.
1608 - South Killingholme Beck
July 2008
In 1608, a group of people who didn't agree with the English Church, decided the only solution was to Separate from it, and the only legal way to do that was to flee the country. Even escaping the country wasn't allowed, so they had secretly arranged for a ship to meet them in the Humber. The men had gone ahead and made it on to the ship, but the women and children got grounded on a smaller boat on Killingholme Beck.
Eventually they all made it to the Netherlands. Not finding the religious freedom they hoped for, in 1620 they ended up on another ship called the 'May Flower', sailing to the New World.
As part of a small community event commemorating this departure, we played some of the Separatists plotting their departure.
1557 - Sir John Deane's College
October 2007
Sir John Deane's College has grown out of a free grammer school set up from a Trust by Sir John Deane in 1557. The College were putting on a big celebration for the 450th anniversary and asked us if we could attend. On the Friday we provided an assortment of street traders out on the college field, and on the Saturday, we provided a re-enactment of some of the Trustees involved in establishing the school.
Cressing Temple
April 2017, 2018, 2019
The International Living History Fair is held at Cressing Temple Barns. We have been residing in the Well House, set out with examples of our events. As an additional treat, we have also occupied and run the bakery.
We are a small but nationally based interpretation group, covering Tudor and Stuart domestic life. Founded in 1985, we have been recreating historic families in first person, to give visitors of historic houses an educational and memorable visit.
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We specialise in turning an old house into a home, bringing a Tudor or Stuart family to life, to fully interact with your visitors.
We can also offer a range of variations around the same period, depending on what you have available.
We are always keen for new people to come and join us. As we recreate domestic life, we're open to all. No previous experience or in depth knowledge is required. The 'Workshop' in our title is all about training our members.
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History Re-enactment Workshop
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