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Stokesay Castle
Run by English Heritage, Stokesay Castle was constructed at the end of the 13th century by Laurence of Ludlow, who at the time was one of the richest men in England. It remains a treasure by-passed by time, one of the best places to visit in England to experience what medieval life was like.

1643 - Preparing for the war
July 2015
William Craven was a committed Royalist and Stokesay was garrisoned on the king’s behalf, the only time in its history that it was put to military use. But when parliamentary armies moved into Shropshire in 1645, the castle was surrendered apparently without a shot being fired. The victors demolished the curtain walls almost to the level of the moat, but left the new gatehouse standing.
Before the war, William had leased the castle to Charles Baldwyn, and his son Samuel. We portrayed a mix of people that may have been at the castle to show how the war affected their lives.
1564 - Henry Verdon’s visit
July 2016
It is July, 1564 and Henry Verdon who was brought up in the Castle by his grandfather, is now returning as the owner. However, at 15 years old and an orphan, he is the Ward of Dowager Countess of Rutland. The event was set as Henry's first visit to the castle as the owner.
We are a small but nationally based interpretation group, covering Tudor and Stuart domestic life. Founded in 1985, we have been recreating historic families in first person, to give visitors of historic houses an educational and memorable visit.
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We specialise in turning an old house into a home, bringing a Tudor or Stuart family to life, to fully interact with your visitors.
We can also offer a range of variations around the same period, depending on what you have available.
We are always keen for new people to come and join us. As we recreate domestic life, we're open to all. No previous experience or in depth knowledge is required. The 'Workshop' in our title is all about training our members.
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History Re-enactment Workshop
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